Well, the other day i was just browsing through some youtube videos and i came across a bunch of videos about ubuntu mobile!

If you haven’t heard about it then i suggest you watch the video here from Engadget.

I am pretty exited by the way it looks, feels and functions. The deign of the software is pretty interesting with everything right at your finger tips. The home screen itself blew my mind. The one thing i like the most is the slide-down option from your home screen. It changes with every app you slide down on. Reaching settings for each app is now a breeze, phew!

The way you left-slide, right-slide and bottom-slide for everything makes the phone feel more connected to you, may be an extension of yourself.

Who can miss the lovely Ubuntu launcher. It is only going to be a matter of time before people start loving this new OS

Its beautiful alright but how do i develop an app!

For all programming enthusiasts there is a SDK available up for grabs! take it and start programming.

SDK Link : http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/

and with all SDKs comes a simple tutorial to get you up and running.

Not really Hello World : http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/currency-converter-phone-app/

and as always enjoy learning and coding!!