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Improve your logs by having a correlation ID

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time the user faced an error they could provide you with a ID that helps you dig into heaps of logs to spot exactly what went wrong. This is really helpful when your application is relatively new. Let’s see how to wire this up. I will be using Autofac [&hellip

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Change SharePoint List Column Width (SP.ModifyColumnWidth)

Out of the box SharePoint does not provide a way to change the width of columns in a list/library. This solution deploys a custom ribbon control that enables a user to achieve this at client side

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File Statistics

Here is something i developed a while back on C#. What this does is it gives you a cumulative report of all the files that are present in your target folder ordered by size range. So for example you have a target folder named D:/test it would give you a report that says  10 files [&hellip

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