I have decided to document things that I learn in SharePoint and this is my first post in the wild world of SharePoint. Content or hopefully solutions that you may find here are all not necessarily my findings. Many are from other blogs that I have read in an attempt to solve a problem that I was facing

The Problem:


I had 3 lists, a date column in each. I had written a Designer workflow to update certain items in the list. The workflow was set to trigger on creation of an item.

The Error

Everything seemed to work fine till I found out that the date column was not getting updated every time. This seemed rather funny and for some weird reason it worked sometimes while most of the times it threw an error partially updating the list.

Seemed funny to me because i believed updating in a list followed an atomic approach.

The Solution

Anyway so after some time analyzing the problem i found out that i was updating the same list item twice in one step. What I deduced from this was that the update does not commit before completion of the step (or may be the workflow, not sure) so a subsequent update in the same step throws an error.

Well, I know it was stupid to update the same item twice in the same step so in my defense I would like to say that this workflow was previously built by 3 other people. The IT industry, you see.