Here is something i developed a while back on C#. What this does is it gives you a cumulative report of all the files that are present in your target folder ordered by size range.

So for example you have a target folder named D:/test it would give you a report that says

  •  10 files falling in the range of 0-10 MB
  • 20 in the range of 20-80 MB and
  • 40 in the range of 80 and above


I have included a bit of parallel execution using the Parallel class found in the System.Threading.Tasks namespace which certainly improves the codes performance.

Complete source code can be found at

Source : FileStatistics

Credits : I have used a component developed by Raj Lal named Explorer Tree. You can find it here

There are a lot of places where the code needs improvement. For instance addition of a status bar can be done but may be sometime later 🙂