There seems to be some trend that I am missing, I see all the desks in office decorated. Now, girls have all sorts of things decorated on their desk, right from Christmas trees and teddy’s to photos of boyfriends and other friends. I find it hard to spot the computer sometimes with so many things around it. Amidst all these desks was one desk that stood out. The desk of a fellow developer, Abhishek, who was surprisingly like me, or so I guess. On the CPU were two really cool pieces of art, an Iron Man and a Darth Vader (Vader background please).


Now that is something that I wanted. I had a chat with him and in that conversation we had, I let him know how cool these figures were. To my surprise I found out that I was the only one in this office who recognised Darth Vader (are you kidding me!). Well, I wanted one and didn’t know where, so I asked Abhishek where could I get it, appears that you can actually make one and there are ton of other CubeCrafts that you can make. Head over to to get your own. Download the schematic, cut it out and make your desk the coolest ever!

I would be making Vegeta this weekend. Let me know which CubeCraft you made by leaving your comments below. Enjoy!