Hello there,

I am Tanmay Dharmaraj and this is my small website that i hope to update regularly to keep tabs on things that i find on the internet. I currently work at Rapid Circle (formerly Zevenseas) as a SharePoint Consultant. Things that I love are Programming, Music and anything that stimulates the little grey matter i have above my shoulders. You may find programming tutorials here that i have written, and learnt from other tutorials similar to the ones here. This is a small attempt to share that knowledge with people who may visit this site.

Among other varied interests I also play the Piano and Drums and I love trekking. I was associated with a metal band in my college days and we released one track on Youtube!

There are only 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who know binary and those who don’t.

Home is where the hard disk is

You can contact me on